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Poultry Farming (मुर्गी पालन)


Country Chicken (Desi poultry) farming is one of the easiest poultry management methods since it involves minimum labour and risk. It is something that the family members can join hands in this business. Learn how to start Desi Poultry i.e. Chicken, Duck, Quail, Turkey farm project.


Advantages of Country Chicken Farming


• Low initial investments clubbed with higher economic returns.

• Country chicken farm can be started with just two birds and gradually increased to a flock.

• Owing to the high demand of local chicken, the birds and the egg produced by them can be sold in the local market irrespective of the season.

• Leftover feed, grains and various agricultural by-products can be used as feed for the birds. In other words, the feed cost is negligible.

• Country chicken or ‘Desi Murgi’ and brown egg variety has a higher demand than other breeds.

• There is no labour cost practically involved since the family members especially children and senior citizens act as ‘labourers’ in maintaining the farm. Hence it is a boost to the family income.

• Since the eggs and poultry birds can be sold almost any time, rural poultry is a form of ‘any time money’.

• If the birds are raised in an organic farm then the quality of the chicken and eggs are much better. This is because the birds are raised in a stress-free environment. In this method the poultry wastes like droppings, extra feeds etc. are directly applied as organic manure and increases crop yield.


Verity of country chicken or ‘Desi Murgi’


Generally indigenous or local breeds are poor producers of both eggs and meat. Therefore, improved strains have been developed that are easily adaptable and hardy in nature. They have a good mothering and brooding capacity. Their body conformation is good and is self-propagating. Since they are easily adaptable and more sturdy they are also less likely to develop diseases and infections. They are quick and alert and hence can escape from predators. There are four pure breeds of chicken that are available in India viz. Aseel, Chitagong, Kadaknath and Busra. Some breeds are also developed indigenous to specific location such as:


• Jharsim: A variety specific to Jharkhand.

• Kamrupa: Suitable for free range farming in Assam and Jharkhand.

• Pratapdhan: It is a dual colored bird meant for Rajasthan and also suitable for Jharkhand climate.


Other ‘Desi Murgi’ breeds that have been developed are CARI Nirbheek, CARI Shyama, Hitcari and Upcari. These breeds were developed at the Cantral Avian Research Institute (CARI), Izzatnagar.


Varieties like Gramapriya, Vanaraja, Krishna-J, Girirani, Giriraja, etc. can be reared almost anywhere in India. Gramapriya and Vanaraja produce 250-280 eggs annually with the individual egg weight varying between 55 to 60 grams. They start laying eggs at the age of 200 days. The age of first lay varies with the feed, nutrition and other management criterion.

Quail Farming (बटेर पालन)

The Quail called "Batair" in Hindi, is a small type of bird, there are two species of quail in India; the black-breasted quail found in jungle and the brown-coloured Japanese Quail which is bred for meat or the one used for commercial Quail production. There are 45 species of quail. Although the Japanese quail is the largest species, it is much smaller then pigeon. While Indian quail weighs up to 100 gm and lays 100 eggs a year, the Japanese quail weighs up to 250 gm and lays 250 eggs a year.


Jharkhand Quail Farm is engaged in High quality of Japanese Quail farming, which is supervised by the experts. Our Quails are ensured of excellent health and these are kept in controlled and hygienic environment. We rear a variety of breeds of Quails and also offer them for farming.


Advantages of Quail Farming

• Requires minimum floor space

• Needs low investment

• Quails are comparatively sturdy birds

• Can be marketed at an early age i.e. five weeks

• Early sexual maturity - starts laying eggs in about six to seven weeks of age

• High rate of egg laying -280 eggs per year

• Quail meat is tastier than chicken and has less fat content. It promotes body and brain development in children

• Quail meat and eggs are a nutritious diet for pregnant and nursing mothers

Turkey Farming (टर्की पालन)

Jharkhand Turkey Farm a unit of Jharkhand  Agro FarmTM is engaged in the occupation of Turkey farming in India. The Turkey farming is undertaken by our experts, by maintaining the maximum hygiene level. Providing controlled environment at the farms ensure good growth and health of turkey. Different breeds of turkey are available with us and offered at the most competitive prices.


Breeds of Turkey

• Board breasted bronze

• Board breasted white

• Beltsville small white

• Nandanam turkey 1


Duck & Geese Farming (बत्तख और कुछकल हंस पालन):

Jharkhand Duck & Geese Farm a unit of Jharkhand Agro FarmTM is renowned as one of the reputed Duck & Geese Farming Service Provider in Jharkhand. We are providing different breeds of Ducks & Geese across the country, we have gained immense popularity for ourselves in the industry. Our ducks& Geese are reared in hygienic and optimum conditions, under the supervision of the experts. For Duck & Geese Farming, we rear different breeds of the bird and ensure their excellent health to produce birds that are high yielding in terms of their meat and eggs.


Breeds of Duck


Generally there are three categories of breeds

A) Egg-type

        1. Khaki Campbell

        2. Indian Runner

B) Meat-type

            1. White Pekin

            2. Muscovy

            3. Aylesbury

C) Ornamental-type

           1. Crested White



Jharkhand Agro Farmtm was founded in the year 2013, having its registered office at Lane No7, Byepass Road, Shamsher Nagar, Dhanbad, outlet at Road No 1, Yahiya Nagar, Bye pass Road, Panderpala, Dhanbad Jharkhand,. We are also working as a joint venture with  farmers of different district of Jharkhand and neighbour state.


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