Our clients can avail from us Dairy and Goat Rich Feed, which is processed using superior quality ingredients. Available in pellet and mash form, this feed is provided in 20 and 50 Kg PP/HDPE bag. It contains protein 18% and oil 2.5%, which keeps the animal healthy. We are able to offer this animal feed in bulk quantity. Major Market:-Jharkhand, West Bangal, Rajisthan and Bihar.


Dairy Super 10 Pellet

  • Dairy Super 10 Pellets are a high quality, highly nutritious supplement designed to feed lactating dairy cows to increase milk yield and quality, improve body condition, and improve cow health and fertility.
  • Optimum balance of protein and energy for your herd to reach maximum potential
  • Fortified with essential vitamins, macro minerals and trace elements for improved cow health
  • High quality rumen buffer for sound rumen health
  • Heat treatment (processing) gelatinises starch resulting in improved starch utilisation for increased milk production
  • Reduced fines and negligible wastage
  • Pellets offer uniform distribution of additives ensuring optimal utilisation by the cow
  • Scientifically formulated to ensure specifications are guaranteed.
  • Pellets can be customised to meet your specific farm requirements To best complement the available feed resources on your farm Dairy Super 10 Pellets has designed a range of pellets, ranging from Crude Protein and Metabolisable Energy. Loads can be customised to a range of grain, protein levels and/or with additives such as medications, buffers, mould inhibitors, additional vitamins, minerals and trace elements to suit the specific requirements of your herd at any level of production and stage of lactation.


To maintain optimum production, fertility and herd health, vitamins and minerals are essential.  Dairy Super 10 Pellets incorporates a comprehensive vitamin and mineral premix in all dairy pellets, providing such minerals as zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, selenium and vitamins A, D and E. Salt is also added to maintain electrolyte balance and as a source of elemental Sodium , it also contains molasses and flavour to encourages intake.


In addition to supplying high quality pellets for various livestock production systems, Dairy Super 10 Pellets also provides free on-farm nutritional and management advice by qualified Nutritionist and Sales advisors to maximise the productivity and profitability of your business.


Goat Super 10 pellet

Jharkhand  Agro Farm is here to assist Goat and Sheep farmers in reaching their production goals. Increasing the quality of nutrition for your flock will help to increase yields, improve kidding percentages and aid in reducing metabolic diseases. Jharkhand Agro Farm produces a range of highly digestible steam pelleted Goat and Sheep pellets formulated with the optimum balance of energy and protein for a range of different applications, including:


  • Finishing Goat and  Lambs
  • Feedlotting  Goat and Lambs
  • Maintaining Goat and Sheep
  • Supplementing Lactating Ewes


Goat Super 10 pellets include a balanced vitamin and mineral ratio to ensure the nutritional needs of your Goat and sheep are met.

  • Buffers & additives added= Accurate addition and even distribution throughout the ration, reduced palatability issues.
  • No further processing required= Pellets are ready for consumption. No added costs in capital machinery. No extra labour to roll or mix rations.
  • Even mineral and Vitamin distribution =No selective feeding by the Goat and sheep. Goat and Sheep receive balanced vitamins & minerals in ration.
  • Low dust =Reduced inhalation of dust by people and stock, making for a safer, healthier and more pleasant work place.
  • Steam processing of pellets= Better starch utilisation: up to 15% more. Increased milk production and growth per kilo of feed
  • Quality Guaranteed= You get the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals you pay for, without the risk of chemical residues or GMO.

Broiler Goat Gold 90 Pellet

Our range of Specialty Feed is formulated to meet the varied nutritional requirements of sheep and goats. They help increase meat production, weight gain and milk yield. We also have Feed products which are tailored to result in faster weight gain in ducks, quails and turkeys, reared for their meat.


Jharkhand Agro FarmTM provides Gold 90 pellet for Broiler Goat feeds designed for the producer who wants the results to meet today’s market. Complete and balanced pelleted feeds are available to meet varies production system requirements. Please call Jharkhand Agro Farm for further information.


Fish Premium 10 pellet

Jharkhand Agro FarmTM efficiently produce high-energy feed, with a precise balance of proteins, fat and carbohydrates, processed for optimum digestibility with reduced waste. Its systems produce the right formula that turn “ration into flesh” and are particularly suited for processing a wide selection of recipes and raw materials.

Jharkhand Agro FarmTM also accurately control pellet density for specific product attributes, such as sinking or floating properties. Processors can manufacture a wide range of products that are adapted to the nutritional requirements of the animals, when required, and feed dimensions perfectly calibrated from 0.5 to 25.0 mm.

Jharkhand Agro FarmTM also complies with the toughest environmental and quality requirements, maintaining water quality and breeding healthy fish, which in turn generates improved conversion ratios.


Mineral Blocks

High Performance Mineral Block with Digestive Aid,

Jharkhand Agro FarmTM efficiently produce Mineral blocks and ach Block contains the minerals: Phosphorous, Magnesium, Calcium,  Sodium, Molasses and Vitamin AD3  as well as all the essential Trace Elements necessary for the Cow and Goat.


Advantage of Buffer Enriched Mineral Lick:


  • Ensuring your cattle and goat get the daily minerals they need.
  • Act as buffer for sub clinical ruminal Acidosis
  • Provides Electrolytes in stressed animals
  • Increasing fertility and encouraging reproduction.
  • Getting the best milk yield from your dairy herd.
  • Promoting strong growth and development in cattle and goat.
  • Prevent self licking
  • It improves salivary secretion to keep the pH stable in digestive system. (prevents acidosis)





Jharkhand Agro Farmtm was founded in the year 2013, having its registered office at Lane No7, Byepass Road, Shamsher Nagar, Dhanbad, outlet at Road No 1, Yahiya Nagar, Bye pass Road, Panderpala, Dhanbad Jharkhand,. We are also working as a joint venture with  farmers of different district of Jharkhand and neighbour state.


Jharkhand Agro Farm is one of the recognized processors, suppliers, and wholesalers of a wide gamut of Products.  .....


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